back to article Impoverished net user slams 'disgusting' quid-a-day hack

Since Monday, this hack has been subsisting on just £1 a day for food, in support of the charity Malaria No More UK. The "Live Below the Line" challenge is an imperfect exercise, to be sure, but is nobly intended as "an innovative awareness and fundraising campaign that's making a huge difference in the fight against extreme …


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  1. Knoydart

    Aloe Vera for that?


    Sounds like the Moderatrix lives in another guise at Vulture central - All hail Sarah Bee. Fire well, that commentard was sent packing

    1. Omgwtfbbqtime Silver badge

      Re: Aloe Vera for that?

      Nah, if anyone was channelling Miss Bee then there whold have been a ODFO included.

      Sarah, if you are reading this, you are sorely missed.

      1. peyton?

        Re: Aloe Vera for that?

        Also, Ms. Bee quite frequently let comments of this sort through, just so that the poster could be flamed into oblivion by we commentards.

        Ahh, the good ol' days.

  2. g e


    In poverty but still with Internet access, eh?

    Probably the kind of person that thinks the £1 a day thing is stupid while it's a brilliant idea to, say, sit for 24 hours in a bathtub full of baked beans to help the starving of the world.


    1. MrXavia
      Thumb Up

      Re: Eh?

      I concur, lets help the starving world by wasting food! what bright spark thought up that idea?

      whereas the £1 a day, saves money, saves food and lets him donate what he would have spent!

      1. JDX Gold badge

        Re: Eh?

        Because schools and libraries don't provide free internet to poor people...

        1. This post has been deleted by its author

    2. james 68

      Re: Eh?

      you realise they can get free internet access in libraries right?

      i was homeless myself for a number of months and was lucky to end up eating even as well as the person concerned and yet i had daily free internet access in various libraries. such free access was in fact pivotal to me getting back on my feet with a job and a place to live.

      just because you have never had to stoop so low as to use something does not mean that it does not exist.

      to berate someone without knowing their situation - and indeed to go so far as to try and force your own fantastical delusion as to what their life might be like upon them is farcical at best. you sir are a twat.

      as for the story that started it all, yes, for those of us who have been there it is more than in bad taste. it is in fact the most deluded piece of crap ive ever read on this site and that is saying something, the daily mirror probably has better taste and empathy.

      1. Anonymous Coward

        Re: Eh?

        Oh bullshit - your life is your life, so be it.

        Lester has done what he thought right. People would whinge if he had a shit and they would whinge if he didn't.

        "OH Lester had a shit - it's a put down for all down trodden impoverished people. blah, blah, blah...."

        "OH Lester didn't have a shit - it's a put down for all down trodden impoverished people. blah, blah, blah...."

        If the posters original posting, had been left up, people would have applauded the commentary.

        If the posters original posting, had been left up, people would have denounced the commentary.

        Personally I like the more imaginative postings..... whether they are crap or not.

        If it's great, read it, if it's crap, tune out, read something else.

        End of fucking story.

        1. Anonymous Coward
          Anonymous Coward

          Re: Eh?

          the whole point of these articles isn't to give Lester an idea of what poverty is like, the whole point of the exercise is to make all of us think for a minute about those in poverty. perhaps we donate to a charity, perhaps we help someone out directly. perhaps we do nothing. but at the very least, it's this week's articles that have brought the issue to everyone's attention.

          however, evidently from these posts, those in poverty don't want such efforts and would rather lash out vindictively at anyone trying to bring the issue to the attention of the wider population.

      2. Mike Moyle Silver badge

        Re: Eh?

        "as for the story that started it all, yes, for SOME of us who have been there it is more than in bad taste."

        There. Fixed that for you.

        I WAS there... A couple of dollars' worth of various whole grains, a couple of packs of the day-old vegetables, a smoked turkey leg or two (the cheapest meat at the local grocery store) and some spices. Boil on Sunday until the grain is cooked through and the meat has fallen off the bones and the family eats for the rest of the week.

        So if you're trying to pull the "You don't know what it's like..." argument, you can piss off right now; it's not working.

        Now -- speaking for me, personally (the only one for whom I can legitimately speak) -- I applaud Lester for taking the plunge, for raising money for charity, and for documenting his experiences in a series of articles that were entertaining enough to keep a bunch of people -- who possibly haven't had to and <deity of choice> willing, never WILL have to live hat way -- reading, contributing to charity and possibly even thinking about the problem in real terms for the first time. Taking the step of thinking "What would I do if..." is the first step towards trying to solve the "if". I applaud Lester's sneaky, underhanded attempt to use entertaining anecdote and body-function humor (BTW, Lester -- How'd that all work out in the end? *Ba-BOOM!*) to lure people into taking that first step.

        Obviously, YMMV, but it's YOUR milage, not mine and not necessarily anyone else's. Claiming to speak for "those of us who have been there" is as insulting (to some of us) as you accuse Lester of having been.

    3. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      Re: Eh?

      I believe the post, whilst quite aggressive, does have an inkling of a point. It's easier to endure hardship if you know you'll be out of it at the end of the week. Having said that, I'm not criticising Mr Haines one bit -- it's much easier to not endure hardship if you don't have to, and Mr Haines has clearly made his own choice with tangible benefits of sponsorship.

      In terms of internet access. I spent a fortnight in a poor town in the south of Peru and I'd expected to be basically incommunicado for the whole time (the town was called communicado, ho ho). However the reality is that because practically no-one has a phone or computer in their own home/shack, nearly every other outlet on the hight street in the centre of town is either full of phone-booths (with cheap international calls -- £1 for half and hour) or internet computer booths (also cheap).

      Don't know where saintcroix was posting from but as others have pointed out, there's always the library, borrow a book too!

      1. Anonymous Coward
        Anonymous Coward

        Re: Eh?

        Yep. Doing this sort of thing for a week is easy. Doing it for a year, with no prospect of change...

        Somewhere online will be the wonderful Sunday Format sketch on this sort of thing.

    4. Goldmember

      Re: Eh?

      @g e

      Whilst I (and others, it seems) agree with your sentiment, please do refrain from random hashtagging.

      This isn't FaceTwat.

  3. AndrueC Silver badge

    As a new user, saintcroix's comments required moderation. The above outburst was moderated straight into the bin.

    On the plus side it also got their post into a headline article :)

    1. Tony Haines
      Paris Hilton

      the bin

      It does seem a funny name for the front page.

      1. Anonymous Coward
        Anonymous Coward

        Re: the bin - a funny name for the front page

        I think you've just captured the essence of the register on a friday

  4. jake Silver badge

    To be fair, Lester ...

    ... most people in the Western World have absolutely zero clue when it comes to properly feeding themselves. Much less feeding themselves on a budget.

    Reading between the lines "saintcroix" is lashing out here for lack of any other outlet ... Maybe instead of poo-pooing the commentary, finding a positive vector for the energy would be a better idea?

    Perhaps an urban farming forum would be a good idea ... We all need to eat.

    I'll get right on that ...

    1. Stevey

      Re: To be fair, Lester ...

      Don't mention p*o-p*o-ing where Lester might see - That diet of rice and chickpeas has got to have some serious consequences...

    2. jake Silver badge

      Was:To be fair, Lester ...

      I wrote "I'll get right on that ..." I did.

      1. Lester Haines (Written by Reg staff) Gold badge

        Re: Was:To be fair, Lester ...

        Good effort.

        1. Jedit

          "Good effort."

          By a bizarre coincidence, that is likely to be our response when your next £1-a-day article describes your latest attempt to use the lavatory.

    3. Euripides Pants Silver badge

      Re: To be fair, Lester ...

      "instead of poo-pooing the commentary, finding a positive vector for the energy would be a better idea"

      Agreed. But it is up to saintcroix, not Lester to find that positive vector.

  5. Alan Bourke

    Sorry saintcroix ...

    ... your criticisms are unfair. And before you ask, I did my time on the dole and I ate on not much more than this for a few years.

    1. Rampant Spaniel

      Pretty much anything is insulting to someone, theres lots of crackpots out there whose sole reason for existing is to be offended because their lives are empty, meaningless pits. This isn't an exercise in genuinely living off a quid a day, this is just about raising awareness, giving an idea on how difficult it would be. It's a little taste of a different lifestyle, not an all out change. Maybe if someone spent less time venting and being insulted they might be able to do something with their life and have enough income to buy more food (once\if the jobs return).

      1. sabroni Silver badge

        I can't believe you said that!

        How dare you! Just because my life is an empty meaningless pit does not make me a crackpot! That is so OFFENSIVE!!!

        1. ecofeco Silver badge

          Re: I can't believe you said that!

          I doubt you even realize you've made saintcroix's point, do you?

          I'll bet the irony is also lost on you.

          1. sabroni Silver badge

            Re: I can't believe you said that!

            Well you obviously have a degree in spotting sarcasm...

  6. Stuart Castle

    "We're pleased to see that while saintcroix's diet is indeed a pretty lamentable state of affairs, he/she hasn't been deprived of that most basic human need: an internet connection. "

    If saintcroix is on benefits (and if they are that poor, they probably are), it's worth pointing out that the government requires that you have internet access for an increasing number of benefits. Anyway, who's to say they didn't just pop into their local library (assuming they still have one) and use the internet for free?

    1. Z-Eden

      Didn't realise the average tramps are avid El Reg readers using libraries to keep abreast (ahem) of LOHAN and PARIS news. You learn something new every day...

  7. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Could we perhaps get rid of Eadon too? The above rant is actually quite interesting reading, whereas Eadon's are frothy mouthed masturbatory irrelevance from a spoilt brat who probably lives off packet noodles by choice sitting at his unix terminal attached to a 14" tv, whilst his parents eat fois gras in the dining hall.

    It's got so bad that imagine a 6 year old stamping their feet with a curled bottom lip every time that moron posts.

    1. Flocke Kroes Silver badge

      Just ignore Eadon

      Is Eadon a pre-teen penguin, a Microsoft shill trying to give penguins a bad name or just a troll. When I see his name, I just skip past the comment and any replies. If Eadon gets banned we will just see equally annoying posts from Eadori . Perhaps one day he will grow up, but in the mean time, there is no need to feed him any attention.

      1. CABVolunteer

        Re: Just ignore Eadon

        Definitely a troll!

        I tried to read one of Eadon's posts earlier this week and it's weird phraseology reminded me of the posts of the original Amanfrommars. Now, I wonder who would bother posting such inflammatory material just to generate reaction from readers?

      2. Vladimir Plouzhnikov

        Re: Just ignore Eadon

        :-) If you find Eadon's posts so inflammatory and disturbing, you yourselves are as bigoted as how you think Eadon is. You twothree need to calm down and take it easy. Look outside the window(s), for a change... The spring has arrived, finally!

        1. Anonymous Coward
          Anonymous Coward

          Re: Just ignore Eadon

          No, it is not "bigotted" at all. He's a dick, plain and simple. He is a disruptive and irritating boil on this forum's backside that needs to take a trip to Switzerland to sort out a painless end to his meaningless existence.

          I would be happy with a democratic vote on it. I know 100% what the result would be. He'd be gone. Most forums rid themselves of tape-worm-ish pests such as Eadon. For some strange reason, this one lets him fester and destroy any sensible discussion that could actually occur when Microsoft topics pop up.

          1. sabroni Silver badge

            Re: are you seriously suggesting we euthanise irritating people?

            Fuck it, he's a dick, but he's OUR dick!!! At least he puts a name to his posts so it's easy to ignore him...

    2. Daniel Palmer

      Maybe they could get rid of the 3 or 4 people (or same person with multiple accounts?) that brings up Eadon in the comments section of every article? I'm starting to think you guys have a crush on him as you can't stop bringing him up or slavishly following his posts.

      1. sabroni Silver badge

        Who's Eadon?

    3. Winkypop Silver badge

      Awww come on now

      Eadon aint that bad.

      Although he is a bit like a bull at a gates and always sees a windows of opportunity to bag MS.

  8. ACx

    Yes, its insulting like when posh kids go off on gap years to poor countries to see how lucky they are, and claim to be helping. Giles Wemmbly Hogg springs to mind.

    The whole point is that "rich" people playing at poverty know that it will end. They have no idea what it is really like to be in poverty with no hope and no end in sight. These moronic experiments are more like novelty holidays than anything else. Worse still, people who do this then start on the poor claiming that if they can do it, so can the poor, while forgetting how unrealistic that actually is because the person in question has a whole different set of resources to begin with. Its like a poor person breaking in to an office sitting in a chair and believing that means they they have experienced what its like to run a business.

    So, yes, its insulting, nauseating , not to mention unrealistic.

    1. Graham Dawson

      Yet there is at least a valid reason for this experiment: he's raising money for charity. Most of those idiots taking a gap year don't do that, they just sort of hang around and make a nuisance of themselves while getting ripped off by the locals.

    2. Dr. Mouse Silver badge

      "Yes, its insulting like when posh kids go off on gap years to poor countries to see how lucky they are, and claim to be helping."

      You sound like some people who had a go at a friend of mine.

      He worked in Botswana (and several other places in Africa) for many years. He was a qualified engineer who was paid a pittance in comparison to what he would be paid here, even taking the lower costs of living into account. Yes, he was a high earner by local standards, but a very low earner compared to what he would be paid anywhere else.

      He did this to help people. He was involved in designing, manufacturing and installing wind-powered water pumps to replace the increasingly unreliable diesel-powered ones most towns and villages were using at the time. He had a car, an old beat-up landrover, and a couple of motorcycles, which he raced. The locals liked him. They appreciated all the work he was doing to help them, and the sacrifices he was making to do so. They enjoyed watching him race, and cheered him on every time.

      One day, a couple of do-gooders from a charity turned up. They had a go at him for his "excessive" pay packet and "extravagant" entertainment choices. Apparently, what he was doing was not enough. He should have been working for the same money the locals were on, owned nothing and worked such long hours he didn't need entertainment.

      He asked them if they'd prefer he went home, didn't help the people and earned 10x what he was on there.

      Some people will never be satisfied. If you donate a fiver to a charity, they will ask why it wasn't a tenner. If you volunteer for an hour, they will ask why it wasn't the full day. Any if you sacrifice a well paid career to help people, they will ask why you aren't living in poverty while you do so.

      1. ecofeco Silver badge

        I think he was referring to the "do gooders" in the example and not your friend.

        *sigh* once again, the irony....

        1. sabroni Silver badge

          *sigh* once again, the irony....

          Actually he was illustrating how one person's "do gooder" is another persons "good bloke making a positive difference". It's not that tricky to understand, but it's good that you keep trying....

    3. Rampant Spaniel

      ACx, I assume you haven't ever volunteered. By far the vast majority of people volunteering on gap years come from piss poor backgrounds. The rich kids were on a beach somewhere like grabamuff for their 'gap year'. Come bitch at me when you have spent a year of your life doing something worthwhile for nothing in return other than a decent tan and a case of shouty arse.

      1. sabroni Silver badge

        re: a case of shouty arse

        It's fucking endemic around these forums!

  9. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward


    Not ramon, moron.

    Unless you made it up.

    1. Andrew Moore Silver badge
      Thumb Up

      Re: Ramen

      Everybody Loves Ramon

      1. Anonymous Coward
        Anonymous Coward

        Re: Ramen

        <michael jackson voice>eeeeee-heeee! ra-mon..</michael jackson voice>

        1. Vladimir Plouzhnikov


          Ram on, give your heart to somebody

          Soo-o-o-o-n right away, right away...


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