back to article Australian Bureau of Statistics denies hacking report

The Australian Bureau of Statistics has been forced, by dint of a misreading of 'attack statistics', to deny that hackers (including the ubiquitous Chinese variety) have accessed pre-release sensitive data such as unemployment or inflation rates. Last week, the Australian Financial Review offered its readers a tale titled …


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Anonymous Coward

So, if I accidentally key in the wrong password

that's a hacking attempt? I'll have to be extra careful when I log on to American sites. I would hate to be extradited.

Thumb Up

A login attempt is not a hack according to Australian Bureau of Lies, Damn Lies & Statistics.

In other news, ABS reports indicate that 267% of Australians are in fact orangutans called 'Denise' and 9*squirrel/artichoke3% of them live in Ulladulla.


Once upon a time the AFR used to be a reliable source of information for the savvy business person. Now they have bored fund managers writing alarmist trite about the world coming to an end when people try to logon to their publicly facing websites....

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