back to article O2 to turn your innocent nipper into Silicon Roundabout hipster

O2 will be running 28 UK events titled Think Big School, pushing 3,000 youngsters through two days of training so they can learn to write code and pitch business ideas like a skinny-tie-and-sneakers-wearing Shoreditch type. The first Think Big School has kicked off in London, but the two-day events, which are run in …


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  1. Uncle Slacky Silver badge
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    Is our favourite Shoreditchian involved?

    No doubt a certain Mr BONG! will be along shortly with more details...

  2. Olius
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    "Da Interwebs... easy you can learn to program a useful idea and sell it for ££££££££ in just 2 days!"

    I've got a spam folder full of these: "I got rich - let me show you how! Click here NOW and order my book on how to sell people books about getting rich."

    The sad thing is that O2 is being pre-paid out of our school budget to do this. Have the ministers who signed up to this not realised that the "2 day geek boot camps" they see are full of people extremely enthusiastic about coding etc, with many many years experience doing it, and are all about having some geeky fun?

  3. Stuart Ball

    Shows you that O2 know NOTHING about modern scouting, and the benefits that Scouting brings not just in fending-for-yourself skills, but also leadership, practical problem-solving, and a wider sense of community.

    That's appallingly naive from O2.

    Stuart Ball

    Scout Leader

    1. Pie

      Thanks Stuart for giving children like my son the opportunity to do something constructive with their time. My son loves his electronic 'toys' but he also really enjoys scouting, as you say there is so much more to it than 'fending for yourself'. It is certainly helping his growth as a person and he is all the better for it.

      As to O2 well....

      1. Anonymous Coward
        Anonymous Coward

        "As to O2 well...."

        Presumably O2 are preparing the kiddies for the world of work at Capita, since other Reg news indicates they're thniking abour outsourcing the last vestiges of their business still under their operational control.

    2. Matt 21


      Have an up-vote, Scouting is certainly something my kids love and something which is helping them grow. Obviously I'm all for things IT related, being a bit of a geek myself but I don't think this sort of thing is going to help anyone. In fact Scouting seems to teach more relevant skills for IT:

      How to work in a group

      How to relate to others and see others points of view.

      How to look at problems in a different way

      A certain level of pragmatism

      ....and probably many more.

  4. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward


    Where is the info on where these schools are and how to enrol? Whilst everyone is complaining I'll enrol a couple of kids... Just cant find out where. Anyone got a URL to the info please?

    1. Pie

      Re: URL?

      It's implied in the article that it's run through Young Enterprise , so you would need to contact them in your local area to see if there is anything your kids could do.

  5. Stuart Ball
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    There is a chronic shortage of adult helpers, and waiting lists for children to join, if you can help out, even as an occasional helper, or fundraiser, please get in touch with your local group or district.


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