back to article MetroPCS shareholders approve sweetened T-Mobile merger

Shareholders in US mobile minnow MetroPCS have approved an improved offer from Deutsche Telekom's T-Mobile USA subsidiary after the Germans sweetened the terms of their offer. Institutional investors had balked at the merger, saying it loaded the company down with too much debt. But Bloomberg reports they have accepted a deal …


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Viable GSM competition?

While this may not be good news for many MetroPCS customers - typically people who want a low-price contract that's mostly good in their local area, because they don't travel much - it might help T-Mobile improve coverage and build out their network, and finally provide some decent competition in the US for GSM phones.

I'd like to drop AT&T, which doesn't offer a plan that comes close to matching my usage (so I pay far more than I should), but if I want a GSM phone (and I do, since I travel to Europe on occasion) and I want non-roaming service in my home (which I do), they're the only choice.

I live in a city less than 20 miles from the state capital, but I'm not in range of a T-Mobile tower. Apparently Catherine Zeta Jones [1] riding a motorcycle around the country has not, in fact, done much to improve their network.

[1] And now I'm thinking of Darling Buds of May, of blessed memory. Ah, youth.

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