back to article Intel: Now THIS is how you forge physical, virtual switches

Intel has x86 chips, switch ASICs, and tweaks to the Linux operating system that it says allow it to not only make better physical switches, but is also advancing the idea of using its chip and software tech to build a virtual switch for linking virtualized servers together and to layer network application services onto the …


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FPGAs and ASICs...

Not to piss of Intel's parade, but they first say how it's a problem that current switches use all these FPGAs and ASICs, then provide a solution with... FPGAs and ASICs. Yeah.

That said, sounds like it's got useful features and probably won't be a bad piece of kit.

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Most 10/40/100GbE switches currently consist of a Broadcom fabric and PHY ASICS and a low-power Intel CPU running Linux or a similar OS (Cisco excluded, but even they are starting to use merchant silicon now).

From what Intel are offering in this presentation, I can't really see where they provide an advantage as the competing Broadcom-based products have been in the market for 2+ years.

For the "virtual switch" option - again, there are already similar offerings in the market that run on the VM CPUs so I don't see the benefit of a "network CPU". The CPU-intensive stuff for SDN would be run on standalone controllers in a big environment and SDN wouldn't be needed in a small environment.

The cynic in me says Intel will charge more for a solution with less features and another Intel networking product line will gradually disappear....

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