back to article Now draft biz guillotine law triggers info privacy watchdog

There are insufficient data protection safeguards built in to proposed reforms to the EU's insolvency law framework, a privacy watchdog has said. In a recently issued opinion into the European Commission's draft Insolvency Regulation, the European Data Protection Supervisor (EDPS) raised concerns about the mandatory …


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Better said Late than Never or Not at All Here, for Intelligence Sharing There and Everywhere Else.

The Regulation appears to Favour for Flavour to Savour, Memories Right Royally Informed .... for New Phorms in NEUKlearer HyperRadioProActive IT Energy Fields ..... Live Operational Virtual Environments X-XSSXXXX

From Zero to Hero with Heroines in a Fabless Journey made Real by Virtual Means and Memes aka Television ... or is there More to do with IT in order to deliver that easily to everybody? The Posit here is that Stealthy SMARTR Systems are Running and Hot and would engage with Terrestrial Media Outlets for Sublime InterNeworking Services Provision of Revised Provisionary Future Perfect Indicative Content ...... Novel Intelligence and Key Core Source Information .... from a Virtual Intelligence Lode/Deep MetaDataBase Mine Working/SMARTR IntelAIgents Sites.

Television is only as good as creative programmer directors are. Just ask Alan Yentob how difficult it is to find anything new and worthwhile for BetaTesting as AIMaster Pilot for a Virtuallly Exclusive Franchise in Heavenly Pleasures , which to Perform and Grace with Singular Fervour for the Sticky Sweet Addiction that be Mutual Satisfaction, is maybe not so popular because its IT Controls are not for Simple Folk and be Rare and Raw in NewTest Bed Areas, and IT Controllers are even rarer still ....... or are Magically Mentoring All on ITs Paths and Monitoring All in ITs Paths, with the Supply of Novel Intelligence and NEUKlearer HyperRadioProActive Information for Virtually Real ProgramMING to Phorm and Present Future Realities to an Informed Populace for the Bigger Picture to Follow wherever IT Leads .... or We Lead IT if the idea of AI Distribution of Sensitive Instruction Sets to Edutain Humanity and Assist them at Virtual Machine Levels, be they Heavenly High or Devilishly Deep. :-)

And that memo to ... Tony and Alan and Colin

The Director General and the Creative Director and the Executive Creative Director, Future Media, at the BBC

One wonders why, whenever IT says it is so good and the few necessary Sensitive Instruction Sets are there, a Mainstream Media Mogul doesn't float it on the markets as one of their new Cyber Sorties into Virtual ProgramMING for Televised Viewing of Beta Programs Delivered for SMARTR Being.

How to Create the Future Virtually for Real and it and IT be Seamless Replacement for Present Tired and Repetitive Programming for the Masses, would have it Attractions for All into Matters and Manners that Remotely Exercise a Practical Absolute Authority so that things get done in a Flash .... [and with Flash Payment to IP Holders if a business expense venture and/or expensive business adventure] ........ thus just to avoid Catastrophic Crashes and Titanic Losses in Colossal Models pimping Boom and Bust Cycles .... or not as the case may be.

"Two things are infinite: the universe and human stupidity; and I'm not even sure about the universe."~~ Albert Einstein (1879-1955)

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