back to article Quantum lays off fifty – prepping for a sale?

Fifty people have been let go by Quantum with some insiders thinking the company is being groomed for a sale, either in whole or in parts. Affected company staff were given the news on Thursday, April 11th. Christine Bachmayer, Quantum's senior manager for marketing in EMEA, said: As we begin our new fiscal year (started …


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  1. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Translation... we get rid of older people, so we can hire young people and pay them way less.

  2. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Why would someone buy Quantum

    I question why any one would buy Quantum, the company has been sliding down year over year. Not just in revenue and profit but in product clout. There are such better companies that cover the same markets as Quantum, and EMC knows this. EMC already has enough in the Dedup market, Stornext is a decent product, but there are others stepping into the verticals like Front Porch Digital and VizRT in Media and Entertainment market. EMC dropped Quantum as their tape library OEM and picked up Spectra Logic. EMC's BRS group, the group that dropped Quantum, would be the same group that would pick up the DXi business. I would think NetApp and EMC could do a lot better with companies like Spectra Logic, CleverSafe, FPD, Pixia....

    I guess, as I write this, is why Quantum may want to sell -- but who would buy.

  3. Martin Glassborow

    Re: Why would someone buy Quantum

    Lets be fair, FPD and VizRT only really compete with one aspect of Stornext; that is the HSM portion. Stornext is also a clustered file-system; FPD and VizRT could both use Stornext as their clustered file-system. But Stornext is potentially being clobbered by the clustered NAS solutions that are gain more and more of a foot-hold in the market. IBM have also been more aggressive in the media space and pushing GPFS here. And of course, there is a burgeoning number of open-source competitors; some really good.

    Stornext is probably Quantum's best product; it is probably the only reason anyone would buy them but who really wants it? IBM don't need it; EMC have clustered NAS products (and they could break OneFS out as a clustered filesystem if they wanted); HP have a plethora of products, this probably wouldn't stop them buying someone tho'; NetApp, well Stornext does play well with their LSI-disk products; Oracle, I don't see it. I guess Apple could go nuts and buy them; remember they probably ship more Stornext than anyone.

    It could end-up as an IP fire-sale at some point...It's a hard place to be.

  4. Tom 7 Silver badge

    'Excited about increased market opportunities'

    Well the less of the market you have the more 'opportunity' there is.

  5. The Godfather


    Opening statements says it all...yep deffo sale..

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