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We’ve teamed up with IASA, the Global IT Architect Association,to promote its April event and have bagged a sizeable discount for any current or aspiring technical architects who’d like to attend. The event is in London this month, on April 25 and 26, at the Cavendish ConAndrew Searle, High Performance Computing, Jaguar Land …


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Do not want.

Corporate marketing bullshit is just that.

But ta for asking :-)

Anonymous Coward

Most IT Architects are...

far too busy to go to things like this.

They can often be found running around stopping idiot PHB's from... well doing what they do naturally, messing everything up.

Anon simply because my PHB reads this forum from time to time and I don't want him getting ideas above his station.


Used to be a member of IASA, and found them to be much like TOGAF - a scapegoat for those that... can't.

The architects that have the biggest voice at the IASA events I've been to are the sponsors, or architects in niche environments that have zip-all to contribute to my ability as an architect, because their compliance-based world doesn't understand my preference for a risk-based approach.

The single thing that resulted in me not renewing my membership was that when I asked around, nobody could give me a basic, unambiguous definition of not only architecture[1], but also the role of the application architect, solution architect, or enterprise architect.

Sites like, and freely available resources like Microsoft's Infrastructure Planning and Design series on TechNet, or MSDN have ben much more helpful to me.

The other thing I found IASA to gloss over are the people skills an architect needs - conflict, risk and stakeholder management, influence and leadership skills, strategic thinking, and so on.

Rant over.



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