back to article Google submits 'formal commitments' to EC over search

Google has submitted a formal concessions package to the European Commission's competition chief. Commissioner Joaquin Almunia said earlier this week that Google was set to put forward proposed changes to its business practices in the hope of avoiding sanctions over allegations it abuses its dominant position in the EU's …


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Can I predict the future

He added that the EC was "now preparing the launch of a market test to seek feedback from market players, including complainants, on these commitment proposals

No, they are not good enough, even though they clearly identify googles products from our own, it still stands that the google product is superior and the result will be that we still don't get a big enough chunk of the market to make us happy. The only way we'll be happy is if every third google search redirects you to bing or yahoo.

Anonymous Coward

Details ?

Having details about said proposition would be nice .

What's the proposition ? Are there links to the documents ?

Saying there's something without saying what is, is kind of pointless.

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Re: Details ?

Well, they're secret obviously. Having the discussion behind closed doors may avoid a lot of grandstanding from everybody involved. When every proposition and counter-proposition has to come through a shouty press release to major newspapers, things go very slowly indeed.

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