back to article Mm.. you like RAID? Ooh, you want flash. Try this super-Hadooper

Intel is integrating an LSI PCIe flash card and RAID adapter into its new RAID SSD Cache Controllers intended for caching data from direct-attached disks on servers. LSI Nytro MEgaRAID card LSI Nytro MegaRAID card LSI offers its Nytro PCIe flash technology in its WarpDrive flash cards and MegaRAID adapters, in effect …


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Intel are all good with the big words, but the actual hardware? Looks like and old IDE cache controller from the early 90's to be honest (in fact take away the 30 pin sims and replace with the current toys and it is)

It needs more lights and a fake heat-sink over the cache slots with a silly word like "Domination" written on it.

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