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  1. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    fondling gadgets on planes

    On a recent flight from Dubai to Amman, the flight crew went mad trying to stop people making phone calls as the plane took off, all through the flight and all through the landing.

    It was not a long flight but some people went bonkers when the crew tried to take their <redacted> substitutes away from them. The worst offenders were the women but I've found that the men are almost as bad.

    I switch my phone off well before I get on the plane and usually only switch it of while I'm waiting for my bags to arrive. I do use a e-reader on the plane but I'm not so addicted to 'stuff' that I can't stop it for half an hour.

    you could be talking to someone and their phone signifies the arrival of a tweet. They immediately stop what they are doing and spend the next 20 minutes having their internet fix before realizing that you are no longer standing around like an idiot and are actually doing some work.

    We started placing a big jug of water on the table in meetings. Any tweets/email alerts that took your attention away from the meeting and your phone went into the jug. The interruptions soon stopped.

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