back to article Rivals may form alliance against Michael D in struggle for Dell

Hefty Dell investors Icahn Enterprises and Blackstone Group LP may join forces to clothesline the eponymous Michael and his consortium bidding to take the PC maker private again. The two lodged separate offers ahead of the "go shop period" that ended midnight on 22 March, with Icahn putting $14.25 per share on the table and …


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One of these days the brass ring will be fetched, and the ride will stop. Until then, we all sit and watch. The same characters keep coming by from our outside point of view, but as they disappear, a new net arrives to take their place. When will it end? Nobody knows, but it is fun to watch!

Anonymous Coward

Asshole fights and private companies

Like or hate their politics, it's asshole fights like this that make you understand why the Koch brothers have said Koch Industries will only go public quite literally over their dead bodies.

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