back to article China Mobile spaffs £4.4bn on 4G 'trial'... before it even has a licence

China Mobile will build 200,000 LTE base stations, covering 500 million people and costing 41.7 billion yuan, despite the fact that 4G licences won't be awarded until the end of 2013. The world's largest mobile operator is obviously confident it will get a 4G licence, though until it does the rollout is officially just a " …


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The potential market certainly isn't 700 million

It's maybe 1/10th of that, the fraction of the population rich enough to be able to afford to run a smart phone.

Anonymous Coward

TD-SCDMA stupidty

Did anyone get fired for approving TD-SCDMA spectrum support?

I see that China Mobile has the same corporate governance as Wall Street firms; display epic incompetence, get a promotion & chuckle out loud.

Appears Apple is waiting on Qualcomm's baseband chip support for 40-band LTE for a global iPhone, so China Mobile can finally join the iPhone subsidy party...

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