back to article Alibaba! could! hand! back! Yahoo! China! to Yahoo! in! May!

Chinese web and e-commerce giant Alibaba Group could return Yahoo! China to its parent company as early as May, as its partnership with the US internet pioneer continues to wind down. Sources told Chinese tech news portal Sina Tech that the deal may be done through a share swap, speculating that it could happen in or around 10 …


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So will that spells the end of the paid internet commentators on yahoo! china / Hong Kong?


Alibaba was OK... it had potential....

Except that 95% of the sellers using it were dick head scam artists from China...

Proof that the "Lads from Lagos" mentality, is everywhere.

Most of them were also just plain fucking stupid...

I wanted to source welding masks, these idiot fucks signed me up for 10,000,000 and one lists of items that neither had what I wanted, nor could they supply them.

The only difference between the idiots from Lagos and the Lads from China, is that the stupid idiots were endless.

Thus the lack of control, led to it's demise and slide from fame and fortune.

I stopped using it years ago.....

This topic is closed for new posts.


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