back to article Cloudfather Tucci meets with EMC clan, analysts to talk strategy

EMC and VMware held their so-called Strategic Forum - aka analysts' day - in New York yesterday with capo di Famiglia Joe Tucci setting out the overall stall and his lieutenants setting out their own strategic imperatives. We saw David Goulden for EMC - now called EMC II - and Pat Gelsinger for the cloud and software-defined- …


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EMC to world:

"Nom nom nom all your data!"

Hopefully by the time we're ready to look at "converged infrastructures" this vision will be implemented at the vBlock solution level and I can buy myself a rack full of buzzwords. My director will be most pleased.

Anonymous Coward

How about a comparison to the likes of GM ?

I can't but help think about the similarities to incumbents in other industries such as GM, Pfizer etc when I read about this strategic talk...

Main stream businesses -- VMAX is growing 6% YoY (slow growth ... sedans), Unified kit + kitchen sink business combined together to get puffer fish effect (pickup + commercial trucks + SUVs), emerging storage clubbed together to avoid scrutiny on any one single platform failing (hybrids cars, etc) and rest map somewhat coherently (services for services... rsa/documentum for parts - function of the install base)...

What will it be like in 20 years? Hope it's not a repeat of the Big 3 automakers where more nimble competition stole biz from right under their noses.

Anonymous Coward

The only way is hybrid!

Yes. The only way is hybrid. The problem with EMCs implementation in VNX is that is is still multiple OSs, a mix of RAID groups and RAID groups underyling disk pools and all the SSD resources are for caching are mirrored so are in effect less that 50% utilized.

If you read the Goldman Sachs case study from EMC they are in fact recommending 12.5% of SSD to deliver 5% of usable capacity. I wrote about it in my Blog if you want to investigate the numbers

The fact is that other implementations today are delivering flash at 4-8X the efficiency of EMC by seperating read and write caches, virtualizing across more workloads, having superior and pervsive data reduction techniques and removing the complexity of traditional RAID Group constructs from the SSD/Flash layer. The solutions are out there is you look. This is not a vision from EMC it is a roadmap forced on them by the complexity (and age) of their portfolio.


Not sure that future is bright enough to wear shades !

An interesting and to-the-point read from Chris, as usual. This EMC event has been positioned as a “strategic forum” – a glimpse into the future if you like – so I am surprised and puzzled at the same time.

I do not see any mention of next generation NVRAM technology. Where is EMC in terms of STRAM, PCM and ReRAM? Flash, the most popular type of Nand-based NVRAM technology for the past few years brings fundamental challenges at a semi-conductor level – wear/shelf life and density to name but two. The demands on today’s storage requirements are not necessarily best served by Flash, and this is exactly why many are predicting that by 2016 it will hit a technology wall. This is also why DDN is starting to see a new class of NVRAM technology being developed that promises more density and greater speed than flash, all at a much lower price point. For me, these “Next Gen” memory technologies are game changers for today’s storage infrastructures. Yet, as far as EMC ‘strategy’ goes, I see no forward-looking reference to this.

As for the comments, ‘the only way is hybrid’, all I can say is welcome to the party! There’s nothing particularly new here, now is there? While it is a step in the right direction, EMC is simply doing what others have been encouraging the market to do for quite some time. .

However, I welcome EMC’s strategy around HDFS as an important storage protocol and layering it over ATMOS. HDFS is here to stay and well-suited to an implementation on an object storage platform (I expand my view on this on my blog at So, a question comes to mind: How strategic do you think EMC's strategic forum really was?

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