back to article US economy defies Fiscal Cliff, creates plenty of IT services jobs

The US federal government's budget crisis at the end of 2012 did mess with America's economy and the jobs market in particular. But according to the latest employment report from the Department of Labor, companies were a tad more resilient in the face of the Fiscal Cliff than many had expected. As El Reg reported a month ago, …


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Anonymous Coward

Is the glass half full?

...or are the talking heads, full of it?

If you're a bureaucrat living real comfortably of of tax payer money, then the U.S. economy is recovering and unemployment is below 8%. If you live in the real world and actually do your homework you know full well that while there have been spurts of economic improvement over the past three years, those spurts have not turned into real recovery at all and are just ripples in the totally unreliable and frequently inaccurate government statistics. It's laughable to even suggest that unemployment is below 8% when in fact it's very close to 20% but the gov'ment don't want people to know reality.

The Feds are doing their duty in trying to "talk" the U.S. out of an economic recessions - as they have done in the past. Unfortutunately, now days with modern communications it's virtually impossible to B.S. the populace all of the time and get away with it. With a corresponding economic meltdown in Europe and Asia things have been bad for many people and businesses for the past five plus years and most folks are not seeing any tangible economic recovery at all. Consumer confidence is down and unemployment is up. The Feds revise their figures constantly with few taking notice and that's just how they want it.


Those BLS figures look like you need to delete the 'L' from the acronym.

Claiming February, the shortest month of the year, beat January's job numbers by almost as many jobs as were created in January is just laughable on its face. The unemployment numbers are going down because unemployment benefits are finally expiring on people who've been out of work for 27 months, not because the job market is improving. And the sequester was never expected to hit February jobs numbers. In fact, they won't even hit March's jobs numbers. They'll only start showing up in April. And when the feds start facing the same problems the real workers in the US have been facing for the last 6 years, maybe something that will actually fix the problem will start to happen. But I'm not counting on it. My guess is they're still gonna be blaming Bush.

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