back to article Brit firm flogs bit-crushing app so you can throttle your OWN data

pic of toddler and baby with compression results The networks - both mobile and fixed - have been squashing your data for years. But now a London company has launched a product allowing you to control it yourself. The latest company to launch a consumer-side compression product is UK firm Millenoki, which allows users to …


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Anonymous Coward

Is there an app that already does this ???

How is this anything different from using something like connect bot on droid and using ssh compression/proxy ...?

I cant see this really saving much more than 5-10% if that, with the majority of the internet graphics being in png or jpeg format.

And considering skype is virtually a gsm code, does it really use much data... think not.

If not SSH what about using openvpn with compression turned on.... which is all free (server and client end) ...!

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