back to article Facebook rides Unicorn to graph search nirvana

Facebook has given details on "Unicorn," the technology that makes its needle-in-a-haystack query engine Graph Search possible. The company revealed Unicorn in a post to its Facebook engineering blog on Wednesday. Unicorn is an inverted index that can theoretically handle queries with "hundreds" of operands (aka, the things …


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What would happen if 80% of users "like" EVERY feed that came their way...

What would happen if 80% of users "like" EVERY feed that came their way...

AND, spent 2 hours a day "liking" every page they landed on as fast as they could?

That would force fb to set up its own "China Army" to filter wheat from chaff, just to keep marketing types committed to paying for ad space despite impossible, UNpossible unobtainum sales...

In frustration, some untraceable code might deploy some code that behaves like:

if user "likes" every 10 seconds


Two hours a day


If user "like" themes vary with little intersection,



"Ä$$hØle, tÆkÉ a fÜùkïÑ BRÈÃKKKKKKKK"


"Ä$$hØle, tÆkÉ a fÜùkïÑ BRÈÃKKKKKKKK"

I say again, after upvoting the first post; Absolutely Brilliant (see title). Let me explain.

FB is only harmless if you don't know what FB is doing and are completely clueless about basic Physics.

1. History doesn't repeat itself, Historians repeat each other.

2. Hollywood Accounting 101. Every time a Historian speaks, they CREATE!

3. Knowlege += History

4. GOTO 1

What could possibly go wrong with that ? Well, for starters it's wildly inflationary, good when applied to Social Networks, not so good on stuff that doesn't move around, like communities and Work-Life Balance.

8 hours work + 8 hours sleep + 8 hours leisure = 25.8 hours in the US, (either that or HomePlace is slowly drifting way from WorkPlace).

Now be a good little robot and study for your Turing Test.

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