back to article Amazon CTO: Big Data? An unfortunate, 'catchy phrase'

“I love that the world is data intensive... unfortunately, it’s called 'Big Data',” says Amazon’s chief technology officer Werner Vogels, who went on to describe BD as "a nice catchy phrase". Did the CTO of a company in the top tier of those generating and storing billions of objects through retail sales and cloud service just …


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Hand waving wind gusts up to Gale Force.

How about you prove just one tiny little assumption correct ? Just one. "My Customers wear green socks on St. Patrick's Day unless they are wearing orange socks" or something like that ? Something small, doesn't have to involve black socks ... oh wait, yes it does because some do wear black socks. OK then, something useful like "My Customers wear socks" then. Companies will pay for that sort of fine grained certainty.

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