back to article Android 4.2.2 finally coming to Verizon's Galaxy Nexus

Owners of Verizon's 4G LTE version of the Samsung Galaxy Nexus handset may soon receive an update to the latest version of Android, weeks after other Galaxy Nexus devices received it and fully six months after the Verizon model got its last official update. Twitter user @WinDroidGuy was the first to spot the update package on …


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Who cares? It's not like 4.2.2 actually fixed anything. I have a Samsung Galaxy Nexus and Google are falling in my opinion. It's no better for 4.2.2.

The 4.2 upgrade (the first one) made my bluetooth unreliable and made the lockscreen corrupt when playing music. I'm just saddened by Google's quality issues. No, subsequent 4.2. issues didn't fix the problems.

Hey ho, maybe I'll get reliable bluetooth back in Keylime Pie, who knows?

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Verizon *can't* pick up the Nexus 4

It doesn't do CDMA at all, so it's not compatible. This is actually a good thing as it drove me to get off my butt and move to T-Mobile, for 2.5x the data cap (5gb vs 2gb) at 1/2 the monthly charge ($31 vs $65) with no contract and better customer service.

Plus if I ever hit my data cap, T-Mobile just turns off 3G. On Verizon, I'd pay up the ass for every additional byte transferred.

It's speculated that Google left out 4G LTE specifically since Verizon has historically been so slow.

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Re: Verizon *can't* pick up the Nexus 4

The Nexus 4 is a really nice device. I think the S3 technically has the edge but it costs more. It beggars belief that the US is still hobbled by using a proprietary tech which means some networks still can't use bog standard GSM / GPRS phones enjoyed by the rest of the world. Not that it stops with the move to LTE - the S3 even had to ship in two models build around different SOCs to accommodate the US market and everyone else.

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