back to article EMC: No need to swallow an array - just breathe in our storage cloud

So EMC has finally announced the VMAX Cloud Edition: which according to this blogger is an iteration that has little to do with technology and everything to do with the way that EMC wants us to consume storage. Firstly, let's discuss the cost model - in many ways the most important part of the announcement. EMC has now moved …


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Interesting take..

And I hope your right!

The SME market for SAN's needs a big shakeup, if EMC can bring some of their "Enterprise" features to the SME market for a reasonable cost then they will have a winner.. I've been fortunate to recently purchase a VNX 5300 with all the trimming and I can only say its blown me away, but like a crackhead I now need more (for my other racks). The only way I'll swing that is by EMC becoming more price competitive - Usually this is something I rely upon Dell to do, but their Storage sales provide very high profit margins and its not something they are willing to dent.

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