back to article Mellanox to open up its Ethernet networking stack

Switch and adapter maker Mellanox Technologies will take its own switching and management software open source, and allow companies to run their own open switching and routing code atop its physical switches. Why? Simple: Mellanox is trying to differentiate itself from its competitors in the Ethernet switch and router rackets …


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E 2

Neat. Good move Mellanox. I wonder what effect this will have on Cisco?

Anonymous Coward

Effect on Cisco?

Short term, probably none at all.

For(marketing)some(marketing)unknown(marketing)reason(marketing), Cisco inhabit the sweet spot in the Networking world that IBM used to inhabit in the Computer world, which has led the old adage 'no-one ever got fired for buying IBM' to apply to Cisco now as well.



"The plan is to start with Layer 3 routing functions in the MLNX-OS stack."

Huh? Quagga is already open-source.

"and then move on to the Layer 2 switching functions "

Their "Layer 2 Ethernet code" is an unholy mashup of their own code and the code Mellanox got when they bought Voltaire, neither of which ever caught on.

So their strategy is to give it away and hope that others will improve it, like Linux, to the point where it will actually be competitive at some point?!? This should be really entertaining.

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