back to article GSMA: Help us, OneAPI proxy, you're our only hope

Continuing the fight against OTT players, mobile operators' group the GSMA has launched the OneAPI Exchange, a moderated proxy providing access to OneAPI functions across operators that are too lazy and uninterested to implement the standard properly. The OneAPI, for those who've forgotten, is an API allowing applications to …


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the smell of fear

as the operators come to realize that they are just dumb pipes they frantically try to become relevant again, but they're too busy fighting amongst themselves and trying to design solutions by committee at the same time so it's hardly a surprise when the very focussed Apple and Google are able to get an end run around them on their own turf

If they want to be anything other that plumbing they need to get their house in order and make life easier for developers and stop trying to confuse customers with a never ending cavalcade of line items on a bill ... as a user I'd avoid operator billing like the plague simple because it makes the changes of something getting screwed up with my bill even higher!

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