back to article Oracle plans deep integration of Eloqua marketing tech

Oracle will make sure its recently acquired Eloqua marketing cloud plays along with Microsoft and Salesforce systems, though it plans to closely link the marketing suite with its own sales technology as well. Describing Eloqua as "the centerpiece for Oracle's cloud," Oracle's president Mark Hurd said in a webcast on Thursday …


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The managers of Oracle....

I had personal dealings with them during the time that they took over Sun Microsystems, and "Open Office".

To call them belligerent, inept, ham fisted, unethical, non-cooperative, lacking in talent, imbecilic and cash grabbing, would fit the picture in my estimation.

Bad partners for business.

Beyond that.... nothing else counts.

So for these managers to be chumming up to team sleaze at Microsoft and their Naziware Licensing Scheme....

"Why it makes perfect sense!"

Anonymous Coward

Re: The managers of Oracle....

We have dealt with them for "support" since the Sun borging. At first we thought they could not make it any worse than Sun's inept efforts at fixing our problems, oh how wrong we were!

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