back to article FCC proposes freeing up massive chunk of wireless spectrum

The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) is proposing to increase the amount of unlicensed spectrum available by 35 per cent in the biggest opening up of the airwaves in a decade. The FCC voted unanimously to open 195 megahertz of extra spectrum in the 5 GHz band for use with accredited equipment, but also to allow some of …


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UK to catch up with proposals in 10 years :D

Behold the lightning speed of Ofcom.

Legend has it that if you punch Ofcom in the face, you can walk home and be having breakfast the next morning before it realises what has happened.

Angola in Africa got LTE before we did. Still, at least it's coming this year! :)


As if there aren't enough problems...

The drug cartels will be overjoyed; a minor external addition can turn many of these into law-enforcement-jamming rebroadcasters. They're quite affordable, too; go to a popular auction site and search for "cellular boosters".

Not to worry, though; jamming is illegal.

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