back to article Disk biz Overland bleeds more cash - bah, only a flesh wound!

Another quarter for Overland Storage, and another big loss as revenue slides year-on-year. The struggling tape and disk array vendor hopes its scale-out clustered NAS, branded the SnapScale, can turn its fortunes around - along with damages it'll possibly get from BDT and other tape biz if it wins a patent-infringement court …


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what's the point?

Hey Chris -

Just wondering what is the point of following Overland ? I mean there are a lot of storage companies out there, not many of them get the attention that Overland does given they seem to only have ~$60M/year in revenue? Is it because it's fun to watch them die? It's not as if they are a rapidly growing startup with shiny fancy technology that people are clamoring for.

looks like 6 articles in the past 11 months.

I can understand slow news days but I'd hope even on a slow news day there is more interesting storage stuff to cover than Overland.

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