back to article World's biggest distie cans Euro growth hopes for 2013

Ingram Micro's European operation is likely to continue to be the group's metaphorical fly in the ointment for 2013 with "no significant growth" forecasted by senior execs. The world's largest IT distie last night reported calendar Q4 numbers showing a 14 per cent rise in turnover to $11.38bn, including $1bn and $75m of sales …


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Politicians hopes dashed

"Europe, frankly, continues to be the mixed bag that we've been talking about, and we're not planning on any significant growth in 2013"

In this bag we find: French sozialism à la Hollandaise, EZB bailout money, some stale Berlusconi, empty pension funds, greek feta, a bit of Mali interventionism and ... donkey lasagne? As well as cynicism. Lots of it.

Let's have a beer.



I find that a lot of stuff I can get cheaper elsewhere and they charge card fees where others include it so its not hard to see why they are not making as much money, they are not looking at the smaller businesses.

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