back to article Green supercomputer pioneer to model micro drones

The US Air Force Office of Scientific Research has slung some money in the direction of Virginia Tech to conduct fluid dynamics modelling as part of its Micro Air Vehicle – to you and I, micro-drones – projects. The wrinkle in the contract, worth up to $US6 million over five years, is that researcher Wu Feng is to bring his …


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Paris Hilton

cant they just beg "Korea Aerospace Industries" as usual

cant they just beg KAI as usual and shut the fuck up on china stealing other's tech.

KAI developes and supply air flow efficient fuselages for ...

1. Apache Block-3

2. P-3 Orion

3. F-16 variant for Korea as KF-16

4. F-15

5. A-10

6. 737-based Peace Eye "Airborne Early Warning & Control" aircraft

7. MISC: KT-1 basic trainer, T-50/A-50, SB427 helicopters, aerostructures and KOMPSAT satellite program.

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