back to article Brit cloud Elastichosts chases boom to Asia

British cloud operator Elastichosts has splashed down in Asia, renting space in Sydney and Hong Kong data centres and declaring it is ready to cash in on the boom in cloud and the healthy economies of Asia. Elastichost offers a range of cloud hosting and compute services, using the KVM hypervisor and its own enhancements to …


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Oh dear ...

... I thought it was only the septics who were geographically challenged ... has the plague spread to the poms too?

Very few parts of Australia count as Asia ... certainly not Sydney.

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9 Data Centres

Their websites say Sydney, Australia so I think they know what their talking about. Their not colossal but they offer scalable servers an easy to use control panel with no fixed instances/packages which is pretty attractive.

Seems like they've also launched in Amsterdam & San Jose - so 9 data centres worldwide, great if you're looking to expand into new markets.

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