back to article Telcos splash political donations in Australia

Two telecommunications companies, Macquarie Telecom and Singtel Optus, have appeared in the list of companies making donations to Australian political parties during financial year 2011/2012. Macquarie Telecom donated $AUD135,500 , of which $88,000 went the conservative Liberal party and $45,500 to the governing Australian …


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We have the best polical system that money can buy.

That is all.


Re: We have the best polical system that money can buy.

And it's always shocking just how cheap it is. It appears that you can get access to Senior Ministers and write legislation with a potential spend of hundreds of millions of dollars for merely splashing them a few tens of thousands.

The return on investment is staggering and yo don't even have to pick a side, you can buy both for less than the cost of a TV ad campaign.


Seconded only to the Americans......

While we join them in spreading "Peace and Democracy" to the middle east.

And then watching the Australian banks run in and set up branches in Iraq...

ANZ - anyone?


Customer: "Can we have faster/cheaper internet please?"

Telcos: "Sorry but we are giving you the best experience we can provide - we can't afford better because of overseas data pricing and we make next to nothing at the end of the day blah, blah, blah..."

I guess this mantra is heard worldwide while telco's rake it in and hold their captive audiences to ransome whilst bleating poverty.

Also there should be some law introduced to actually ban donations from industry altogether. Democracy is there for the good of all people, not just for fatcats with a wad of cash.

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