back to article Jocks strap into new gov-funded White Space boffinry base

The Scottish Funding Council has bunged Strathclyde University cash to set up a boffinry base to develop cunning uses of spare radio frequencies known as White Space. The technology aims to put unused spectrum to good use by dynamically assigning empty airwaves to wireless microphones and such things. It is hoped to enable …


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  1. Credas Silver badge

    Gonna be too late...

    Anyone relying on government-funded research projects is going to find that the white space train has long departed by the time they have their carefully thought-through and finely honed proposals finished. Britain's only hope of leading in this is if it's driven by a broad industry grouping, not least because if there are any objections from somebody feeling left out when Ofcom finally gets around to consulting on the changes necessary to the law then said consultation will take years. JFDI!

This topic is closed for new posts.

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