back to article Speaking in Tech: 'VCs hate open source because the path to money is longer'

speaking_in_tech Greg Knieriemen podcast enterprise This week's enterprise techcast has Neanderthal babies, bets with vice presidents, arguing about taxes ... and even mixes in the odd bit of tech. It doesn't have any guests either, but it hardly needs those, as we have the full complement of the Speaking In Tech crew this …


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Re: What does the title even mean?

So you're commenting on a title without actually listening to the podcast, just because it contains the words 'open source'?

How does that make you look like someone worth listening to? Still, at least you're consistent.

Just looking at the list of topics - "Fighting over OpenStack" and "Open Compute vs OpenStack" - tells anyone with a brain that they are discussing storage vendors and hosting solutions. There is more to storage than just software- I'm pretty sure there's hardware involved somehow.


Would have loved to read it...

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