back to article APAC PC shipments FALL for first time ever in 2012

The launch of more shiny new ultrabooks, Microsoft’s much-anticipated Windows 8 and the APAC region's often-strong growth all failed to stop PC sales receding over 2012, the first time the region has experienced a full year drop in PC shipments. IDC says sales fell two per cent over the year, to 121 million units. The analyst …


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Most people, with the exception of Fanbois do not see the value in buying an over priced ultra book when a normal laptop at half the price has better features.

The consumer is more canny and less likely to be mugged by advertising.


Ignoring the now-traditional LarsG anti-apple dig, he has a point - Joe Public knows that 90% of his PC activities involve email, web, facebook, bookkeeping and letter writing, and he doesn't need 16gb of RAM and 3.9ghz of quad core magnificence to do this. His 4gb, 2ghz dual core is running just fine ta v much.

That, and a new machine will mean having to relearn how to use the OS again, now that the counter-intiuative, borderline-unuseable-for-newbs Win8 is out.

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The desktop PC market has matured. Almost everyone has one and almost everyone has one that will be adequate for another 2 to 4 years. Whereas tablets are a new toy, and the tablet market is immature.

Some people will carry a large smart phone, plus have a PC at home and smart TV device at home.

Other people will carry a a small cell phone and tablet or laptop, plus have a PC at home and smart TV device at home.

Desktops aren't going anywhere. Just the volume of sales is going down because we've got them already.

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+1. With one minor addition: We've actually all had Desktops for many years - it just so happens that the upgrade cycle no longer has the necessity it used to. Joe Public now have more Ram, CPU cycles and storage than he can possibly use - this wasn't the case in the past, where software was outstripping what the hardware could do. Now it's the opposite way round - hardware has outstripped software.

Throw in 2 extra inhibitors - the recession and the borderline-unuseable-for-newbs Win8 hardly encouraging people to upgrade, and there we are.

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