back to article Backers: What's this, another cloud storage upstart? Here, have $20m

Another day, another cloud storage startup. This one's Axcient, which is in the cloud backup game and has just scored itself $20m in Series D funding. That seems surprising. It's already Axcient's fourth funding round and it's a lot of greenbacks. What's taking the company so long and why does it need so much money to get off …


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Sure hope the money buys some reliability

We used this product for a bunch of different customers a year or so ago and it was totally unreliable for anything other than really small datasets. Backups that would never finish getting to the cloud, "instant" restores that were anything but, and generally just a feeling that you couldn't trust the thing to do its primary job - protect your data.

Might be better now, but if you're considering this product I'd recommend you test it with larger datasets over time before committing.


Cloud Storage Startups and Venture Capitalists

How viable is cloud backup in terms of recovery time objective? Can companies like Axcient provide true DR from the cloud in the event of a full scale disaster, or is this only to be used for single files, etc?

I just found The Register today from the Unitrends Backup blog (, and if this article is any indication of the types of discussions that are happening here, I plan to become a regular reader.


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