back to article VMware CTO Steve Herrod jumps to venture capitalist

VMware’s chief technology officer Steve Herrod has left the company to take up a position with venture capitalist General Catalyst Partners. Herrod blogged the news and says he will remain a technical advisor to the company. Herrod joined VMware in 2001 and was a critical figure in the development of its first products. For …


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Who are these people that Simon Sharwood refers to as those "widely considered" in opinion re: his statement "..... the Hyper-V and attendant virtualisation management products available with Windows Server 2012 widely considered to rival VMware’s offerings."? Pure Bunk on his part.

Very recently a collegue has stated emphatically that technology officials from several large corporations, including Oracle, Cisco, several financial service firms and even companies like Amazon consider VMWare to be significantly superior - in features, functionality, performance and most especially reliability to Microsoft Hyper-V products.

Mr. Sharwood would therefore need to clarify and support his vague claim, less he be discovered and branded by credible and knowledgeable technology public as a Microsoft propagandist or worse their dupe.

Anonymous Coward

Irony much?

You express outrage at an 'unsubstantiated and vague claim' and your counter is that 'you know a bloke that heard from someone else that they had a different opinion?'

Thank you for that insightful additon to the debate! I look forward to getting the substantiated and less vague version of the events at some point in the future...

On a seperate note I think that this is a real loss for VMware. I was lucky enough to be at VMworld Barcalona last year and thought Steve Herrod came across really well and was obviously very much a company man. I wonder how much of this is related to Gelsingers arrival at the company?

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