back to article IRENA launches global renewable energy atlas

The International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA) has kicked off its third assembly in Abu Dhabi with the launch of an open-access renewable energy atlas. The atlas, available here, currently charts solar and wind resources and infrastructure. IRENA hopes that a single resource for renewable energy data will help countries “ …


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The first step in assessing renewable energy is to work out how much sunlight you will have at midnight, or wind in a high pressure zone and decide if you have the fossil energy capacity to cover the deficiency.

Once you have paid for that, why bother with the renewable energy at all?

Unless someone is pressing fivers into your clamny hand in which case it can look decorative in a sort of steampunk way.


IRENA is yet another lobbying group with Central European origins promoting trivia, paraphernalia, snake oil, all designed to maximize revenue to enterprises that exist only on subsidies. Atlases, roadmaps, salvation...

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