back to article Hybrid flash array maker Starboard bags biz trio

Starboard Storage is taking on three experienced execs to help it grow. Starboard, the re-named and re-energised Reldata, punts a hybrid flash+disk unified file and iSCSI-accessed storage array and has recruited: Tom Major, the ex-SVP of product management and business operations at Seagate, and he was at iSCSI array start-up …


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lets review

" The company says it is growing strongly and needs to bulk up its organisation to handle the increasing number of these customers."

Don't you mean, no one bought our products when we were named RELDATA, and the management team in place had no idea how to grow the company, so we hired a bunch of second tier C-level people to give us a face lift after no one bought our stuff when we had a different name.

Yeah that sounds about right.

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