back to article Hotel chain De Vere checks out of server rooms and into the cloud

De Vere hotels had legacy systems, systems that needed updating but, most of all, it had lots of servers doing different things. Having grown by acquisition, it needed to consolidate if it wanted to realise its plans for customer service. It did this using a private cloud created by ANS Group, based on NetApp's FlexPod. On …


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Failure Scenario

Customer: "Hello, I'd like to check in please"

Receptionist: "I'm sorry, but our internet connection is down. Can you come back tomorrow?"

Customer: "It's OK, I know how to hack the room locks. I brought the kit along just in case"

Receptionist: "Terrific! You can stay for free in the Presidential Suite if you can help us open some other rooms. We'll throw in a magnum of champagne for every floor you do"

Customer: "Deal"

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