back to article IT sector bumped up jobs in the US in December

Economists had been worried that late October superstorm Hurricane Sandy, which didn't show an immediate effect on the employment situation in November, would wallop job creation in December. Because of this, they predicted, the Bureau of Labor Statistics might have to go back and revise its November figures downwards when the …


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Re: Out sourcing

It's blindingly obvious to anyone who has any sort of physical involvement, unfortunately whatever the higher up decision makers get exposed to shows no reflection of any of it.

As to the rest, the quality and pain is obvious to most, but my company have actually caught 2 of the ones we work with directly stealing our ip to try and sell to other companies as something they've developed. Disturbingly, we are still working with them without censure as no one would push it up the chain.

I've been asked to verify the contents of a document before, only to find it was a copy/paste job from a presentation I'd created a year or so before, only it was now on their company stationary, and cheekily even had copyright notices on it. I'd keep your old training and knowledge transfer docs locked down and restricted, or you'll find yourself paying to have them recycled and presented back to you!


zuckerburg took our gift and our beauty and our resources

and used them to create filth, and destruction. He built a gateway for evil into the world and he saw that it was good. Now he is rubbing his hands, because his human resources are blissfully unaware of their domination, for now. Facebook wants to make next year your last social year.

with total dominance. now the UK census has been analyzed by the NSA you will get facebook undooing your relationships. They have your photos from CCTV and new algorithms based off youtube comments are generating hatemail in your name. Facebook is setting up millions of black accounts. they are your evil twin,

but the authorities know their number is yours. you cannot see your black account as Facebook puppets it to destroy your image and usher in everything unholy. Zuckerburg is creating in his image a world of inadequacy and suffering. you see it in the imagery he uses, in the clothes he wears, how he is doing things secretly. you know that evil is as evil does.

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