back to article Telstra offers cash in flaming exchange afternath

Telstra has announced new compensation plans for beleaguered customers affected by a fire that swept through a telephone exchange in Warrnabool last month. Services in the area remain disrupted. In the latest update Telstra said that there now fewer than 3,000 fixed line services and under 1,000 internet services remaining to …


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Anonymous Coward

Ah, Telstra

Every month without fail they send me a statement showing that I have a credit with them of $0.01.

It is years since I last used any Telstra services. I have often wondered whether this is simple incompetence on their part, or a devious way of boosting their "customer" numbers, for some unknown reason.



Telstra have done a good job of media management outside of SW Victoria. No-one seems to have twigged that any exchange fire is likely to have the same (or worse) disastrous impact.

Hence no one is asking questions about the single points of failure in the system.

Thumb Down

Oh how fucking piecemeal and scummy.....

Our "formerly your" exchange is fitted with inadequate fire suppression equipment, and catches afire, burns to the ground and EVERYTHING on the customers end, goes to shit.

So much time, effort and disruption and losses..... as in BIG TIME chaos - and all these scummy arseholes offer is pennies to the pound recompense.

"Wiped out by the fire? for a whole month, we will refrain from charging you $35 for that whole month as compensation."

(Of course no mention is made of having to spend 6 hours a week, for the next 3 years, fighting with the idiots in the customer service departments, trying to actually get that removed from ones bill - because it never materialised.)

How fucking cheap can you get? This just smacks of their typical scumbag arsehole piece meal bullshit.

"The carrier had already started a compensation process for business customers, with claims exceeding $1000 requiring supporting documentation.

Telstra’s advertising arm, Sensis is also offering a one-month rebate to customers whose Yellow Pages or White Pages digital advertising was disrupted by the fire.

In other compensation efforts Telstra is crediting affected fixed phone and ADSL broadband customers with one month's free line rental. While fixed line customers using their mobile service in excess of their plan will not receive additional charges for standard usage. Naturally conditions apply and this does not include premium SMS and international calls."

I hope the people who hired them to provide these services move to other providers.

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