back to article Hitachi calls time on chip production

Japanese electronics giant Hitachi has decided to stop in-house production of processors by 2014 as part of efforts to boost its competitiveness on the world stage. The Tokyo-headquartered conglomerate, which produces everything from nuclear and wind power plants to dump trucks and fridges, said the Micro Device Division of …


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Anonymous Coward

"There was no news on where Hitachi will outsource its chip production."

My guess is Renesas (despite the restructure), since last I heard they own a sizeable chunk of it.


Thank you, El Reg

For using the correct term "semiconductors" and not lapsing into journo-mode "semi-conductors". Crimbo pint for you


Lest we forget the flooding in Thailand.....

What happens to companies that put all their eggs in one basket??????


>production of processors by 2014 as part of efforts to boost its competitiveness on the world stage.

I find that a bit weird.. I thought all of Hitachi's processor architectures moved to Renesas a long time ago.. a quick skim and ctrl-f on the press release itself doesn't seem to reveal any mention of processors.. They mention LSI's a few times (The Japanese semiconductor manufacturers call almost any chip LSIs in their English datasheets.. it's a bit of the "born in Japan" English creeping in)

> “development, design and quality assurance” of processors for Hitachi Group products,

This sentence in the PR says nothing about processors.. it says "development, design and quality assurance of LSIs". Did you google what LSI means?

>a country whose best chip-making days appear to be behind it.

Did you check the limited range of "LSIs" that Hitachi were still producing?

>they don’t upgrade factories to meet the growing demand for sub-28nm production.

Really? I think a lot of the chips Renesas ship massive piles of are just fine on the processes they have now.

Is anyone saying that the US/European microcontroller manufacturers should all upgrade their processes to the same level as Intel when the core of their portfolio has no need for it?

Phil, we get that you're The Reg's man in Asia.. and you've been to Akihabara so you're an expert on Japan.. but at least read the press release you're rewriting into an article.

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