back to article Dell storage boss Topgun Thomas leaves 'to pursue a new opportunity'

Darren Thomas, head of Dell's Storage Group, is leaving the company, following several quarters of declining revenue and an influx of new executive blood into Dell. Dell spokesperson Gladtys Elia said: "Darren Thomas has decided to pursue a new opportunity outside of Dell. … Alan Atkinson, vice president and general manager of …


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Tower, this is Ghost Rider requesting a flyby.

Negative, Ghost Rider, the pattern is full.

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It's taken two days to post the following cheesey (if relevant) Top Gun references?

-Darren Thomas and Dell have lost that lovin' feeling?

-Dell's Storage Group looks like it's on the highway to the danger zone?

-Darren Thomas ended up as Goose to Marius Haas' Maverick?

What's happened to the Reg forums? Has there been a sudden outbreak of self-restraint and propriety here?

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What about managers who once drove EMD GP7s for miles and miles?

Is it relevant whether he once flew a taxpayer-provided Magic Incinerator™ at taxpayer's expense at the behest of superiors fishing for medals?

Not it isn't.

Having a good sense of 3-D navigation and being adept at integrating into a hierarchical organization that is borderline mental does not translate into skills you need for Winning In The Marketplace. At all.

It may elicit Warm Crotch Feelings and Awe but they are out of place.

Excuse my rant, I will continue reading Jeff Huber's "Bathtub Admirals". Thank you.

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