back to article Oracle bod: Tape not just for Xmas, it's for Hollywood and unis too

Oracle loves a bit of flash and disk hardware, flogging compute-and-storage all-in-one Exalogic systems with software on top, but it's partial to tape, too. Not only does it supply tape, it's one of the top four manufacturers, alongside HP, IBM and SpectraLogic, of very high-end libraries. Like IBM, it has its own storage …


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  1. Jim 59


    Good article. However...

    "But in the world of Windows, Unix and Linux servers, D2D backup has decimated tape backup and relegated it to an archive medium."

    Can the commentariat think of any large business where this has happened ? I can't.

    1. Peter2 Silver badge

      Re: Tape

      None I know of, have worked for or have heard of.

      Though I suppose if you counted RDX cartridges as D2D it might make a drastic difference to the figures.

  2. Peter2 Silver badge

    I love the way that some people consider disk to disk to be a backup. What happens if your server gets stolen or destroyed? That'll be the instances where the customer was happy they kept using tapes then.

    Tape is and probably always will be a nice cheap and reliable option for backups. I can't see the overly expensive RDX cartridges replacing them unless the cost of HDD's drops like a stone.

    ... And seriously, removing the oldest backup tape from the media pool and relagating it to being a long term archive is not unusual, is it? I mean, it's not like everybody doesn't gracefully retire their tapes that way after they get past X age...

    I can't see why most SBE's would want to commit to an archive system more expensive than that, when most probably don't realise their IT people retire old tapes and bring in new ones that way, so the 5 minutes it takes to find the tape(s) marked "Q3 2007 backup" is probably not going to be a major driver for spending.

    If Oracle want to help with tape libaries then IMO the best thing they could do would be to produce shelves the size of the tapes for common tape safes, because that's about all SBE's would buy in the current economic climate for something they don't really need. :/

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