back to article Whitman: HP '100 per cent committed' to Autonomy

Hewlett-Packard CEO Meg Whitman kicked off the Discover 2012 customer and partner event today in Frankfurt with a keynote address meant to calm everyone down about HP and its future. And she trotted out her lieutenants in the enterprise hardware and software groups to help make her case. Whitman made no bones about the fact …


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  1. All names Taken
    Paris Hilton


    From a near death experience to

    (a) the Apple way


    (b) the Nokia way

    It seems your call HP

  2. Nate Amsden Silver badge

    130,000 frames per second?

    For what?

    Maybe you meant 130,000 frames per movie which at 24fps would be around 90mins

  3. Thomas 4

    Errors in the article

    "Whitman reminded everyone that HP is one of the largest companies in the world and also, on a cash flow basis, one of the most profitable – throwing --- away more cash than Coca Cola, FedEx, McDonalds, and others. "We are on a very ----- shaky financial foundation," she said."

    You're welcome

    1. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      Re: Errors in the article

      Yes, she keeps mentioning that, but that is not anyone's concern. Their concern is that, even with that cash flow, the HP executives have managed to throw cash away much faster than it is coming in. They turned a would be $6 plus billion profit year into an $11 plus billion loss year based almost entirely on management mistakes.

  4. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Audio oscillators, not oscilloscopes

    No text

  5. Tom 35 Silver badge

    she loves HP's ... employees.

    Well the ones they didn't fire and out source to India / China.

    HP has a "long legacy of customer partnership and trust"

    That they have burned with crappy plastic printers that no longer run any longer then much cheaper printers and HP's Over Priced DRM chipped toners. Don't even start about their wonderful laptops...

  6. Anonymous Coward

    Whatever else you say about Meg Whitman, she has my gratitude for one reason: She said "100%" and not "110%". God bless you, ma'am, and keep you safe.

    1. Marketing Hack Silver badge

      @David W.

      But HP gives one hundred percent 110% of the time!!!

      Sounds like spirits are low among HPs partners, considering the egg that got laid on a reasonable opening by Whitman. Can't say that I blame them--HP has been like the Keystone Kops of corporate America the last year or so.

  7. chairman_of_the_bored

    HP chases software companies... dogs chase cars. Fun to do, but can't drive them when they catch them.

  8. Anonymous Coward 101

    I didn't know Meg Whitman was a gigantic ghost. Does David Icke know if this is an isolated incident, or if gigantic ghost people are trying to take over all multinational corporations?

  9. Panicnow

    Not quite 100%

    HP salesmen are STILL selling Autonomy competitors!!!

  10. a well wisher

    How many ?

    130,000 frames per second ?

    Another case of over inflation of the figures - maybe

  11. spiny norman

    5 years to render it?

    Of the many strange statistics in this article, this seems the strangest.

  12. The Godfather
    Black Helicopters

    Did she mention the word 'execute'?

    Don't you just love CEO speeches? Have to add, when I read or hear executives talking about 'executing' (or not as the case may be), I feel the urge to line up a guillotine.

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