back to article Removing the irrational from application rationalisation

Are you hoping to forklift some of your applications over to the cloud, to take advantage of cost savings? By all means evaluate it, but understand all of the implications for the applications and the business processes that they support. Rationalisation is one of the most important steps in that understanding. Before deciding …


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Of course decisions are made on incomplete and subjective criteria

Anyone who thinks they have complete and objective data about business or major IT decisions is deluding themselves.

The value of any application to a business is subjective and depends largely on the value of the business process it supports (or bad thing it helps to prevent) which is..... oh yeah, subjective. Businesses continuously have to make decisions based on incomplete data it is a simple fact of life, in most cases you can't have complete data, in others the waiting time and cost of getting complete data is unacceptable.

Yes, this webby widget may (much like a trained or skilled human) assist in gathering some of the information used to make a decision and probably helps by prompting with the questions that tend to get at the real decision points but please let us not pretend that some web forms can magic up a completely deterministic and predictable universe in which there is no uncertainty and everything is concrete fact.

BTW, boring advert sloppily disguised as an "article" hope you got well paid by the marketing agency who placed it with you.

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