back to article Conmen swipe 100,000 Brits' sensitive info in fraud bid

Crooks attempted to defraud the UK government after swiping sensitive details on tens of thousands of civil servants, postmen, BT staff and public-sector workers, The Register has learnt. The audacious raid of personal information on state and private-sector employees is the subject of a two-and-a-half-year criminal …


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No purpose?

So, "relevant authorities" said that "no purpose was served by notifying members". Oh, OK then. After all, they are authorities, and relevant. So they must know best. After all, who wants to know that crooks have lifted your debit card details and all kinds of personal info...



C'mon...this has the smell of a crappy Access database...

...(cobbled together by some wallah or his nephew in their spare time) about it rather than a pukka Government IT system (titter yeah not, there must be one someplace). The damn thing has probably been copied by email all over the shop as well. Rather than screaming blue murder about a hack attempt, I'd like to know just what the database was because knowing civil servants it will have been a POS and this hoo-ha is just an arse covering excercise after someone pointed out that it wasn't a proper system and you could wander through it at will.

Anonymous Coward

Not a Government IT system

It's the Sport and Social club that let the data go free.

And wasn't that a fucking joyous email to get on Monday.

I can change my passwords, I could even change my address, my NI number, not so easy


Re: Not a Government IT system

Don't forget your date of birth!. The MP that recommended not providing real details to social networking type sites should perhaps of included any not giving it to any system related to government.

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