back to article Peter Moore: IT consultant and Iraq hostage – Part One

On May 29, 2007, IT consultant Peter Moore and four British guards were taken hostage by an Iraqi militia during what was supposed to be a quick three-month posting to Baghdad. It would be another 946 days before he was released. During his years of imprisonment, Moore endured solitary confinement, mock executions, and the …


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Mock execution

Mr Moore has my complete sympathies. I've had a mock kidnap and execution in hazardous environment training; that's enough to give you bad dreams for weeks. To be where you think its actually likely... seriously unpleasant.


I have to say I strongly admire the man's apparent coolness and mental fortitude. If I had endured the events he described, I'm really not sure I could discuss them in such a rational way.

I also imagine that the thought of revenge would occupy my every waking thought until it consumed and destroyed me...and yet...he goes on a motorcycle roadtrip around the US.

Good on him.


Fantastic story

Never ceases to amaze me the capacity that we have for coping through severe adversity like that. After all that he just jumps on his bike and heads off around another foreign land!

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