back to article IBM recasts Power 775 Blue Waters super as big data muncher

IBM has yanked the chain on the petaflopping 'Blue Waters' supercomputer that it was going to install at the University of Illinois this fall because it was too expensive to make at the budgeted price. But that doesn't mean the Power 775 server nodes that comprised IBM's Blue Waters machine are not useful. Ditto for the PERCS …


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Anonymous Coward

onchip raid

I'm rather surprised intel / AMD haven't done this, perhaps stealing xor ops from their on-cpu GPUs.

No RAID even on "normal" discrete graphics cards? tis a disgrace I tell you!


Re: onchip raid

I thought this was exactly what both Intel and AMD do on their consumer chipsets? Most "normal" motherboards include RAID functionality built in, but they all use the installed CPU instead of having a dedicated raid processor.

It's quite a bit cheaper than having a dedicated solution, and most people don't notice the difference.

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