back to article Search and rescue: Why Facebook AND Yahoo! need Microsoft

A surprising rumour suggesting that Yahoo! had been in talks with Facebook about a possible search deal popped up in the British Sunday press yesterday. It then quickly catapulted its way to Silicon Valley - only to be almost immediately pooh-poohed as nonsense. The Sunday Telegraph reported that Yahoo! chief Marissa Mayer had …


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Wow, already talks of Microsoft not surviving..

I know Windows Phone has flopped, and Windows 8 has met with a almost universal "meh", but talking about their demise is surely a little premature. Give it to the summer at least....

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Bing still has a long way to go before they are even getting half the search traffic that google does if the stats from my webserver are anything to go by.

Bing brings in about 3% of traffic, while google in its various incarnations (.com, etc) is about 85% of the traffic. Even adding in yahoo and facebook search traffice barely gives bing 4%

Anonymous Coward

Doesn't yahoo still have their old search engine laying around somewhere?

Since they're now "bing powered", well, easy money selling off a search engine they're not using anyway, not so?

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