back to article AWS lands in Sydney, at a price

Amazon Web Services (AWS) has confirmed that it now offers cloud services from data centres in Australia, albeit at higher prices than it charges in all but two of its other regions. Australians often find global vendors charge more on their shores than they do elsewhere, a practice that has come to be known as "[Insert vendor …


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Not just AWS...

CoD BlOps2 is £40 in the UK (AUD$60) and AUD$99 here in Oz - for the steam d/l.

And yes, VAT is 20% vs GST at 10%.

Activision joins Bethesda on the "do not purchase even via a vpn" list.

Off topic I know, I just felt like a rant.


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At a price?

As I see it Australian pricing is generally second cheapest. There a many companies you can take to task for ripping us off but I don't think this is one. For us to be cheaper than the west coast of America is a minor miracle.


Re: At a price?

Australia should be dearer. The backbone around here charges for data in and out. The US is only charged for data in. Good ol Telstra double dips charging both the host and the users for data in and out.

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